Whale watching Mirissa Sri lanka

Whale watching Mirissa Sri lanka is a once in a life time opportunity! Whale watching Sri Lanka is one of the best ever experiences that any human being could gather in their life time. One of the best locations for whale watching Sri lanka is Mirissa in southern Sri Lanka. You can spot the giants in the SEA like blue whales, fin whales, sperm whales and rare killer whales at whale watching mirissa Sri Lanka. At Sunbeam Blue whales we always try to give our customers 100% satisfaction by assisting you to spot most number of whales and dolphins during your tours in mirissa whale watching. Mirissa whale watching is so famous among the tourists who visit Sri Lanka since 2009. For whale watching mirissa we have the best boats with A/c and safety equipments. Not only that we have the best mirissa whale watching trackers to spot theses giants in the sea. Come to southern Sri Lanka in your next visit and don’t forget to spend your time for whale watching mirissa.

Whale watching Sri Lanka is one of the best !

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island near Indian subcontinent which is renowned as “pearl of the Indian ocean”. Whale watching Sri Lanka is one of the best activities to do during your stay

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Sunbeam Blue Whales is the best in Whale watching Mirissa .

We have the most comfortable boats with the best viewing. Our 3 hour cruise is designed in a manner for our guests to spend the maximum amount of time with the whales

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Mirissa Whale watching Season starts from November to April.

Best chance of sighting of whales starts from December to March since the sea is not rough. You won’t miss the opportunity of spotting various types of whales and various types of dolphins

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